Celebs magazine

“I‘m a converted cynic. This is amazing and I haven’t put the inches back, despite doing no exercise.”

RED magazine – 9th September 2009
“I‘d lost half a CM off the flabbiest bit and my skin felt lots tighter. A few days later, my skin still felt super-taught and smooth and my upper arm was now 1cm smaller, I’ll be booking more sessions ASAP.”


Celebs magazine5th August 2009
ELLE magazine

“An hour later, I’m done. I’m delighted to discover both my arms are half an inch slimmer and after a second session; they shrink by a further half n inch each. Two weeks on and I still look like a tricep dip queen. I’m thrilled – Laser Lipo works.”


ELLE magazine5th August 2009
London Lite Newspaper

“I was amazed by the results: after one session, I lost two inches off each thigh and three inches off my stomach. I can’t wait to get into my Little Black Dress.”


London Lite Newspaper13th May 2009

“Lazy girl’s lipo” sit on a laser for half an hour and melt away your fat? Sounds a bit far fetched, right? Well the tape measure doesn’t lie and we can confirm that you’ll lose inches with Laser Lipo.”


GRAZIA13th May 2009

“Two weeks ago, I felt sluggish, bloated and depressed. This treatment has not only given me my pre-Christmas figure back – it’s given me my confidence back.”

 Telegraph – 7th May 2009

Suzi Dixon

“I’m a driving instructor, so I sit in the car for hours on end and rarely exercise. I had eight treatments and was amazed at the results. I’ve dropped two dress sizes to a 14 and lost 6.5in from my waist and 4in from my hips.”

1st April 2009

Sam O’Neil