According to recent statistics, 2 in 3 of us are overweight!!   Processed foods and a sedate life style play a part in piling on the calories.

Fortunately, we are now living in a health and fitness era!  However, with so much emphasis on our physical appearance, it is possible to become pressurized to reach our ideal weight and optimum fitness level.  To an extent it is true that many of us aspire to look fabulous, but there are many misconceptions on how to go about reaching our weight loss goals.

The reason why many people do not succeed with diets is because of the tendency to become obsessed with diet plans / meal replacements / calorie counting etc.  Denial becomes the focus of our attention.  Food and drink should be enjoyed, savoured and appreciated.  Food is our life-force, not our enemy!


Successful weight loss is connected to our state of mind.

Once we have decided on our weight-loss plan, we affirm the belief that our goal is possible.  We have to align ourselves with the belief that our goal is achievable for it to work.  The mind does not distinguish between imagination and reality, so if you reflect on your goal every day,  you are far more likely to manifest your desires.


Picture yourself as you want to be – focus on how fabulous you are going to feel!


Successful weight loss is connected to our emotions.  Stressed and worried people find it far more challenging to lose weight, as  “holding on to something” can be recorded in the mind and played out in the body.   As a counsellor as well as a slimming planner,  I have found in my own work that addressing problems and issues make successful weight loss far more likely.


Before embarking on a weight loss plan, it is often advisable to have a medical check up.  Certain conditions such as water retention, HRT and low thyroid may slow down the process, so it is best to check that there is no underlying reason why you cannot reach your goal beforehand.

Give some thought about your existing meal plan and retrain your taste buds to enjoy healthy low fat  foods.

BE REALISTIC:  Our genes play a part in our normal body shape.  Look back through your family history and adapt your weight loss programme to your size range.

GET MOVING!  Start to enjoy some form of exercise each day.  There are so many different classes to try at the gym and they don’t have to be exhausting!   If you are not a gym person, a power walk or a  swim will help to get your body in shape and speed up the metabolism, which is essential for burning calories.


Put your  shoulders back and pull  your tummy muscles in!  Eventually the muscles will start to respond to your posture.  Keep your tummy where you want it to be!

SLOW IT DOWN!!    In our busy world it is easy to grab food on the go.  Pre-plan your meals and snacks and give some thought to nutrition but don’t get over focussed on calorie counting.


Aside from feeling fabulous and proud of yourself, you will have more energy, mental clarity and better quality sleep.  The overall results of these benefits will bring you a happier outlook to your life in general.


Habits have a profound impact on our mindsets.  For example, if you are used to having a caramel latte or  a chocolate croissant at 9.00 am or tea and biscuits at 3.00 pm, the mind will prompt you to recall and repeat at this time.  When this happens, we can feel resentful because we are denying ourselves .   A simple change of routine will make positive outcomes more likely.


The benefits of drinking plenty of water cannot be overestimated!   Aim for at least  1 litre a day – 2 if possible.  Don’t worry about the inconvenience of more frequent urination – the bladder will eventually adapt to more fluid intake.  Water improves your energy levels, will improve your skin tone and flushes out toxins from the body.

THE STRAWBERRY LASER INCH LOSS PROGRAMME  is designed to help accelerate your weight-loss, firming and toning routine.   Each client is different and a medical consultation, diet and exercise plan and lifestyle  check  will be discussed prior to treatments.

The Strawberry laser programme is based over a period of 4 weeks.  It is a non-invasive and a completely painless procedure.

A special introductory session is offered first in order to go through all the paperwork and devise a plan.  You will be given 2 treatments so you can see how it works and if you want to proceed to the drop a dress size programme which is based over 1month.

Come along and see how we can help you feel fabulous!

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