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STRAWBERRY – from Laser Lipo

Clients have the choice of two market leading “Strawberry” machines. The Inch Loss”  machine is a Class 3B cold red laser device. All “Strawberry” laser machines and applications are tested to Medical CE standards. Our Quality Control for manufacturing complies with both ISO 9001, as well as the medical standard of ISO 13485.


We offer the latest technology in fast and effective inch loss using Strawberry Laser Lipo – and the results are amazing ! We specialise in targeting those awkward areas where it can often be hard to lose weight. With a course of our treatments, you can watch the fat disappear! We want to make your experience the most rewarding time you have ever had. There is no pain, no surgery and you don’t need to take any time off work –  just results!

The procedure takes 10 minutes to treat each area. We will discuss the areas that you wish to treat, and in turn we will provide you with a schedule of treatments that will you help you achieve your desired inch loss results. The only feeling you have once the pads are placed is the feeling of a warm hot bottle on the area being treated.


According to recent statistics, 2 in 3 of us are overweight!! Processed foods and a sedate life style play a part in piling on the calories.
Fortunately, we are now living in a health and fitness era! However, with so much emphasis on our physical appearance, it is possible to become pressurized to reach our ideal weight and optimum fitness level. To an extent it is true that many of us aspire to look fabulous, but there are many misconceptions on how to go about reaching our weight loss goals Read more…